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Glossary of Terms

This glossary of terms will enable our clients to develop a better understanding of the terminology in the industry.  This can assist the client to better clarify their needs and expectations and allow us to better understand requirements and meet expectations.

Air Balancing

A procedure used to adjust the flow of air in an HVAC system so as to meet the design goals for airflow throughout the system.


(Building Industry Cross-connect) is part of a telephony cross-connect system (Integrated Building Distribution Network – IBDN) created in the 1970s by Nortel Networks. As a system, it consists of various sizes of punch-down blocks, cable distribution accessories (such as moulded rings and strips), and a punch-down tool to terminate wires at the punch-down block. The BIX cross-connect system as a whole is certified for Category-5e. The BIX cross-connect system is primarily composed of two parts: the mounts, and the connectors.

Block Plan

An outline sketch: a plan in which only broad general features are indicated.

Building Industry Cross-connect


Building permit

Formal approval of building plans by the designated government agency as meeting the requirements of prescribed codes. It is an authorization to proceed with the construction or reconfiguration of a specific structure at a particular site, in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications.

Close out documents

When the Contractor considers that the Work, or a portion thereof which the Owner agrees to accept separately, is substantially complete, the Contractor shall promptly prepare and submit to the Design Professional a comprehensive Contractor’s Punch List inclusive of all incomplete and non-compliant Work to be completed or corrected prior to final payment, as well as, the requirements of Subparagraph 9.10.2. The Contractor shall submit along with the punch list a separate and detailed schedule indicating the date of Final Completion and all work to be completed before Final Completion including Close-Out requirements as provided in Paragraph 9.10. Failure to include any item on punch list does not alter the responsibility of the Contractor to complete all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents.

Corporate Relocation Companies / Corporate Relocation Services

See Corporate Relocation Specialist

Corporate Relocation Specialist

A professional with expertise in planning and executing the full process of a corporate relocation including budgeting, design, construction, furniture acquisition and move management.


Transfer of services from old site to new location such as internet, telephone, mail, cable etc.

Daily Peak Demand Reserve

See Load Balancing

Electrical Engineering

The branch of engineering that specializes in the design, construction, and practical uses of electrical systems.

Electrical power

See Load Balancing

Facility Management Services

Ongoing assistance with the effective running of a productive and efficient office environment. Facilities management includes help with repairs, supplemental furniture acquisitions, cleaning, air balancing, load balancing and emergency service.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study looks at the viability of an idea with an emphasis on identifying potential problems and attempts to answer one main question: Will the idea work and should you proceed with it?


A temporary board fence put about a construction site.


See Plenum

Load Balancing

Process by which sufficient power is allocated to different circuits ensuring enough available power to sustain local requirements.

Mechanical Engineering

The branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and machinery including HVAC, sprinkler systems and plumbing.

Office Move Project Plan / Office Relocation Project Plan

A comprehensive plan that incorporates planning, design budgeting, construction and move management into a single document.

Office Reconfiguration

Re-design of an existing office space to incorporate current and/or additional furniture. An office reconfiguration can include minor to major construction, re-assignment of communication locations and phasing of the various steps in the process.


Implies the staging of a project that is being completed in different steps. Phased construction is commonly used for in-situ builds.


A separate space provided for air circulation for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (sometimes referred to as HVAC) and typically provided in the space between the structural ceiling and a drop-down ceiling. A plenum may also be under a raised floor. In buildings with computer installations, the plenum space is often used to house connecting communication cables. Because ordinary cable introduces a toxic hazard in the event of fire, special plenum cabling is required in plenum areas.

Preliminary Design

An initial design incorporating seating and workflow requirements within a predetermined budget.

Space Design

A design incorporating both the physical requirements of a new location and the appropriate presentation of a desired corporate image.

Space Planning

A process by which current staff and furniture configurations are incorporated into a plan for a new location.

Swing Space

A temporary working environment, used esp while renovations are being carried out.

Systems Furniture

Customizable and reconfigurable furniture made up of desk surfaces, privacy partitions and storage components is known as systems furniture. Popular manufacturers of systems furniture are Hayworth, Herman Miller, Tayco and LaCasse. Systems furniture integrates communication and power requirements through its infrastructure, allowing for a neater appearance.


Proper cable termination practices are vital for the complete and accurate transfer of both analog and digital information signals.

Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) termination is the recommended method of copper termination recognized by ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A for UTP cable terminations. Commonly called punch-down connections, these connections require the use of a small punch-down tool to properly secure the cable to terminal block.

Punch-down connections remove or displace the conductor’s insulation as it is seated in the connector. During termination, you press the cable between two edges of a metal clip, which displaces the insulation and exposes the copper conductor. This ensures a solid connection between the copper conductor and terminating clip. Screw-type terminal faceplates commonly used in voice applications are not recommended by ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A for UTP terminations.

A crimp-style connector for copper and coaxial cable is dependent upon the shape and diameter of the cable. The cable may be round or flat. You must ensure you’ve selected the proper crimp connector for your specific cable.

Work Station / Workstations

An area where an employee works. A work station in an office could be either systems furniture or individual freestanding desks known as “case goods”

Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it!

  • Professionals we could count on

    Professionals we could count on

    “Originally, we were searching for a moving company but with your company we benefitted from a suite of services and most of all professionals we could count on. What sold us from the beginning was the knowledge, contacts and peace of mind that you bring to the table and we weren’t disappointed.”

    Margaret Eaton, President

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  • Costs involved were fair and your professionalism was excelling

    Costs involved were fair and your professionalism was excelling

    “It was very reassuring for us at Infinite to be dealing with a team that had your knowledge and experience moving from one A-class building to another. The costs involved were fair and your professionalism was excelling.”

    Ali Zahedi, Managing Director

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  • Much Appreciated

    Much Appreciated

    “We are now moved into our new office and it appears that the office move went well last night. I am sure the move would not have gone as smoothly as it did without you coordinating and organizing the move for us. Much appreciated.”

    Kathy Nakanishi, Manager, Office of the CEO/Registrar

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  • Developed a budget and timeline to keep us on track

    Developed a budget and timeline to keep us on track

    “They developed a budget and timeline to keep us on track while minimizing surprises. Assisted with furniture purchasing and coordinated the acquisitions and installations of all furniture for our new offices. All outstanding deficiencies were fixed and we restarted our business in our new premises as if we’d always been there.”

    Christine Hughes, CFA, President and Chief Investment Strategist

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  • Stellar client service

    Stellar client service

    “What singularly impressed us was that you did not just attend at our office to give it a cursory once-over look and then submitted an estimate for moving, but that you discussed our company’s relocation policy and process, spent time ascertaining what we were moving, and wanted to view the office space we were relocating to.”

    Abena Buahene, BA, LL.B, Registrar & CEO

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  • Very pleased with how smoothly our move went

    Very pleased with how smoothly our move went

    “We are very pleased with how smoothly our move went and we highly recommend D.J. McGauley’s. Initial consultation and assessment, purchasing and delivery of furniture, coordinating the moving of our existing office to our new office, Leasing hold improvements, coordinating the relocation and installation of our phone system/cabling.

    Rachel Oldfield, Manager, Finance & Administration

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  • Expertise and ability to deal with any and every situation

    Expertise and ability to deal with any and every situation

    “Your expertise and ability to deal with any and every situation to our complete delight was invaluable. From evaluating our moving needs to completing repairs to the landlord’s satisfaction, to managing the renovations and fit-out of our new location and the office and warehouse move… everything was seamless and painless as something like this can be.”

    Mark Thomas, Vice-President

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  • You Really Came Through for us

    You Really Came Through for us

    “You really came through for us and we appreciated how professional and organized you were throughout the move. Everyone at Bilingual Recruiters Inc. commented on how well the relocation to our new home on Yonge Street turned out. I would recommend your firm to anyone having to go through the stress of relocating their office. ”

    Louis Cavalaris, V.P and Treasurer

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  • Careful Planning & Strong Project Management

    Careful Planning & Strong Project Management

    “I appreciated your responsiveness, careful planning, strong project management and professionalism throughout the course of the move. Your willingness to assist in problem-solving unexpected issues and concerns as they arose was greatly valued.”

    S.M. Cheng, Executive Director, Ontario Public Health Association

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  • Facilitated a remarkably smooth transition

    Facilitated a remarkably smooth transition

    “Facilitated a remarkably smooth transition and we greatly appreciated your assistance and your expertise. Helping to organize the phone installation and dealing with the communications this transaction required really helped us to settle into our new space quickly and seamlessly.”

    Miriam Adams, C.M., Co-founder/Director

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  • "McGauley's were fantastic

    “McGauley’s were fantastic, right from the first phone call: always responsive, great problem-solvers, kept us fully informed of all the options at each stage and calm in the face of every crisis. I can only imagine how much hard work they were doing behind the scenes that we never saw. We would recommend their services without reservation.”

    Helen Leask and Nancy Richardson, Partners

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  • Your dedication to your clients shows in everything you do.

    Your dedication to your clients shows in everything you do.

    “The team at D.J. McGauley helped us facilitate a two stage move recently.
    I wanted to express my appreciation for all your assistance; it was invaluable. No matter what we asked of you or what we needed, you were there. You were sensitive to our needs and understanding of our economic position. Your dedication to your clients shows in everything you do.
    Our moves went smoothly with no headaches due largely to your expertise and assistance. You helped make our move as stress free as possible.
    Thank you again for your exceptional service.

    Ludy Gibson, Office Manager

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  • Completed construction and move on time and on budget

    Completed construction and move on time and on budget

    “I had the pleasure of working closely with Mike and Tony on every aspect of the move including premise design, selection of materials, furniture planning, selection of general contractor and trades, permitting, scheduling and moving logistics. Very professional and competent in their roles and demonstrated their experience through expediting many processes, presenting innovative solutions and controlling costs.”

    Kevin Feeney, CFO

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  • Professionals we could count on
  • Costs involved were fair and your professionalism was excelling
  • Much Appreciated
  • Developed a budget and timeline to keep us on track
  • Stellar client service
  • Very pleased with how smoothly our move went
  • Expertise and ability to deal with any and every situation
  • You Really Came Through for us
  • Careful Planning & Strong Project Management
  • Facilitated a remarkably smooth transition
  • Your dedication to your clients shows in everything you do.
  • Completed construction and move on time and on budget